Interview with Bobbie

Hi! I am Bobbie Rae Murphy, owner of Active Travel Pro.

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you find the travel industry?

Who-we-areMy passion is working with travelers who love to actively immerse in a destination and who want to avoid the time and hassle of planning a vacation.

I have always felt a deep connection to our planet’s natural beauty and all of its creatures. The world is an incredible playground for us! As a former coach of swimming, diving, soccer, Tae Kwon Do and other sports, motivating people to push through challenges is a passion. I also coached health as a dental hygienist. I truly enjoy being a role model for stepping outside your comfort zone.

One day my world was turned upside down. A serious health diagnosis can help us see what really matters.  All at once I saw the places that I had not yet explored. I saw the penguins in Antarctica. I saw the mountains of Patagonia. I saw the Blue-Footed Boobies in Galapagos. And I feared I might NOT see them.

As if it was always meant to be, my blessing came to me in the form of an opportunity to join the travel industry. Going through the chemo-like treatments without success fueled my desire to travel the world; to discover that I was part of something much bigger than myself. Active Travel Pro was born out of a desire to reach the traveler who relates to my sense of urgency to see the world and will benefit the most from my services.

Happy CoupleSo who are your clients exactly?

Being a high-energy, positive-minded person, I’m known to work best with busy professionals and retirees who have a curious nature and love to do things that are exciting and fun; people who want me to take care of all the details so they don’t have to spend hours doing research. People who love to explore. They can make decisions easily and from the heart. They value my time and expertise.

My tribe lives a healthy lifestyle, making choices leading towards vitality and longevity. They proclaim “This will be an amazing day!” and allow themselves to enjoy each moment. They may have a life-changing illness that makes the desire to travel an urgent need. Or they are Boomers who love experiential travel. Adventurous honeymooners and young explorers will also enjoy working with me.

How are you different from other “travel agents”?

The term “agent” does not describe me. I am not an order taker. I create solutions. I allow dreams to unfold and will exceed your expectations. My gift is asking the right questions to uncover your travel style, matching the right hotel, destination, excursion and company to your needs. I guarantee that I will work with you tirelessly from the beginning of planning to the memories that will last forever.

What is expected of me?

You have a style of travel that is uniquely yours! You want to add a rich dimension to your journey. Your time is valuable, and you are willing to invest in the process so that you get amazing results.

I ask that you read this in its entirety and then click on the link on my website  “Get Started” to fill out the form. This will allow me to fully prepare for our planning session. Let’s make sure we are a match for each other!

For what type of traveler will you NOT resonate with?

If you are looking only for the “best deal”, I am not your solution. There is so much more to the travel experience than price! If you simply want the cheapest price, then I would suggest that you look for it from the online travel companies who sell packages, but where personal service is difficult to get. Buyers beware…what looks like a “deal” may have hidden costs.

moutain-drawingWhat solutions do you provide your clients?

  • Expert advice and service from beginning to end, and again after returning home.  Your wish is my command!
  • Customized private or group tours and excursions for you and your travel companions.
  • Personalized guidance on which ship, destination or hotel fits your travel personality.
  • Confirmation of your arrival details with your hotel and a request for VIP service..
  • You will receive your personalized e-mailed travel guide and ship, resort or hotel review.
  • Potential extras you wouldn’t get on your own.  My relationships in the industry can make a BIG difference.

Active Travel Pro knows from experience where the value is. And remember, you will have a professional in your back pocket while you travel, “just in case”. You could spend hours researching, comparing travel reviews, and guessing whether or not you made a good choice. I provide you CONFIDENCE. That is priceless.

travel-pathI really think you will make a difference in my vacation experience. What do I need to do to begin our journey?

Check out my trip planning question form by clicking on the “Get Started” button on my website. Once I have received your travel needs questionnaire and we discuss it together in the initial planning session, I will send you an invoice for my planning fee and we will begin the adventure creation process. I am so excited that you have found me and we will be working together!

If I am not quite sure I am ready to plan my adventure, how do I tap into your energy and stay in touch?

Thank you for wanting to stay connected! If you simply add your name and email address on my website to get my “Authentic Adventures by Active Travel Pro” and a bonus “5 Fun Steps to a Healthy Vacation”. You will also get a complimentary subscription to my E-magazine. In it I share valuable travel ideas, connect you with interesting websites, and my blog.  We can always connect on FACEBOOK (Active Travel Pro), TWITTER (@activetravelpro), PINTEREST (Bobbie Rae Murphy) and/or LinkedIn (Bobbie Rae Murphy).

MapOK, Bobbie, I am ready to start exploring the world with you.

Hooray! Let’s do this! Fill out my travel needs form on the website and schedule a planning session when it works best for you. You may call me to get started at 513-708-1803 or send me an email My typical appointment times are on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11am and 6pm. I can’t wait to talk to you!

Thank you and Peace,  Bobbie